Alive: In the Face of Death

This exhibition focuses on the taboo of death (predominantly within British culture). Photographer Rankin captures the beauty of both life and death within his portraits. His collection ranges from those with terminal conditions to those who work with death such as embalmers and funeral directors. Through this, he not only embraces death but celebrates life in the process, for example one girl requested to be photographed with butterflies, while another wanted to embrace her inner glamour model. Although most would view this exhibition as dark and depressing, I think many who visit would find a profound sense of appreciation for what we already have. Life, and it's worth living.

As I have lost someone recently and currently going through the process of understanding my grandma's sudden death, I am finding that I embrace the memories of her living rather than her passing away. Like one of my friends said, you need death otherwise you wouldn't appreciate life and all the good things that it brings.

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