Open Call C/O Berlin!

C/O Berlin are inviting emerging artists and photographers under 35 to submit work for their exhibition, Talent 2014 themed Memories. Perfect! Plus, it provides a lot of scope. Deadline: 11th April 2014 

€30 submission cost

In 2014 Talents focuses again on the theme "Memories". The ability of the photographic medium to freeze and thereby preserve a moment in time makes it the perfect repository for memories of the events going on around us. This also means that photographs take on the function of investing events with meaning, for only that which has been fixed in place by a photograph seems worthy in our way of thinking of being remembered at all. A fleeting moment is captured for eternity and thus appears to confirm for us that something actually did occur in precisely the way it appears in the photograph. But how reliable is the photographic medium as a conveyor of memory? Looking at it more closely, photography is just as fluid, blurred, and relative as perception itself. It represents just a tiny excerpt of reality—essentially, the surface of an event—thereby triggering a kind of afterimage in the viewer’s mind. As material memorial objects, photographs construct individual and collective memories. They overlap—or even block—each other by conjuring false images in the viewer’s imagination. With the almost boundless flood of images unleashed by the evolution of technical media, and with the increasing digitization of photographic archives, the question of how we remember and what forms photography has at its disposal to preserve memory is more relevant today than ever before. In recent years, artists have increasingly sought to engage photographic archives, found footage, and associative processes in their work. Whether conceptual, playful, or scientific; whether in photography or film: How can the aspect of memory be addressed in these media? How can the theme of "Memories" be explored in and through photography, and how can the process of memory be interrogated and visualized artistically?