(Late) New Years Resolution 2014

Originally I didn't post this as I thought it might be too heavy for the celebratory festivities but never mind, I'm going to post it anyway. 31st December 2013

With it being the last day of 2013, I couldn't let it slip by without one last post. I would be lying if I said that this past year went smoothly. Third year was hectic with my dissertation, degree show and the London show, then finishing off with graduation. After three years of hard work, that day should have been a highlight, but sadly someone very dear to the family passed away unexpectedly. On top of that, we had to move house twice (myself, three times) so it was all very chaotic.

As a family, we're still working through our grief where we will be met with a year of firsts. A first Anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentines and Birthdays without my Grandma. I keep trying to remind myself and others that it's about changing traditions and embracing the new. It's unfamiliar territory, but I guess if there was a small silver lining it's brought my family closer, plus there's always someone worse off than you, right? So, onto the positives! 

New Years Resolutions:

1. Embrace the new 

I'm going to be starting a new job in January, while it's not my dream job, it will lead to other opportunities hopefully community/arts related. I will also continue with my volunteering at the local college and The Usher Gallery while figuring out if I want to do a PGCE, MA or just do both? I like collecting!

2. Art practice

As I've already mentioned, things have been hectic. My parents, lovely as ever are helping me set up a studio in the garage, hopefully in the New Year so that I can start creating and developing a portfolio. I've managed to get my enlarger working finally!! 

3. Be pro-active

Now that I have another job, I can change my focus onto other things. Applying for residencies, art competitions and exhibition opportunities.

4. Continue blogging


Pushing Print 2013

Pushing Print 2013 festival runs from 5-20th October showcasing 93 artists across two venues which will serve as a platform for contemporary and traditional printmaking. I'm hoping to head down there as it looks like a great opportunity to see some inspiring work that will broaden my horizons on what can be considered printmaking. Everything from traditional screen printing to mixed media incorporating light and projection with the added bonus of workshops and talks.

Artists who have caught my attention are below. All quite similar when put together, I guess it goes to show my interest in the photographic print. Please check out their page by following the LINK. No doubt when I take a trip there, I will blog my review!


Alia Zapparova, Nothing left to see, (artist books)


Sara Lee, Passage through, (polymer gravure and woodcut)


Jessie Barnes, Untitled (photogravure)


Margaret Ashman, Altered Histories (photogravure)