Affordable printing presses...

As per usual, I found myself looking at printing presses that I can't afford. I managed to stumble across the blog Printmaking Arts who spoke about buying a printing press for under £100. While this might be possible for some, I thought it offered some helpful suggestions. Letterpress' and book presses are easily found on eBay for a reasonable price however, once again my problem is the distance! After all, they're not the lightest of things to carry on public transport... One day I'll strike gold and find a bargain. I hope it's sooner rather than later if not, I'll have to make my own. I've found various DIY tutorials online that look achievable, although slightly out of my skills range. For instance, this stunning tutorial looks amazing:

While these are probably more realistic:

I've even started looking at old clothes mangles that I could potentially convert into printing press but I think that's me getting ahead of myself and wanting too much, too soon!