Another discovery...

It's been far too long since my last blog post. As I've started using Pinterest to discover more artists and collect inspiring material for my practice, I thought it was about time that I make a blog about one in particular. Megan Bostic explores the tangled emotions of grief in her work using materials such as linen, thread, wax and tea to create textile based sculptural forms. A poignant piece that particularly struck a chord was, The First Year of Grief, as both my family and I are going through this at the moment. These fragile forms look as though they could disappear with your next breath, which certainly evokes the ephemeral and transient nature in her work. This piece is made of 365 components from silk organza where she employed a process that involved protection of raw material (waxing), partial destruction (burning) and attempting to mend (stitching). This therapeutic process stems from the death of her mother and is a way of channeling her own emotions while addressing the empathy and grief of others.

Her inspiration is "the anxiety influence' where visiting poets W.S Merwin and Laureate discussed the power for things to resonate within you and engage your emotions, particularly empathy. Whether this is what you hear, see, smell or touch. Artists of interest:

Recently - Bruce Nauman, Alan Cohen & Gabriela Gusamo

Conceptually - Deidre Scherer

Fibre - Lenore Tawney

Materiality - Joan Livingstone

Interview with artist can be found here.